Conversion / Refit

Every nautical project has one very specified global objective: to redesign, refit and/or convert your yacht into an exclusive and deluxe functional boat even with an hybrid solutions that deeply reduce fuel consumption and system weight while increasing efficiency and comfort is our goal.

Accomplishing such a mission – on time and on budget – involves multi-disciplinary naval knowledge, experience and passion for perfection: those are typical needs for any typology of conversion and refit.

The critical task for any conversion/refit project on hybrid propulsion or on a standard propulsion comes at the very beginning: precisely identify the specific lifestyle and technical exigencies the owner would like his project to convey.

A conversion project can be quite inexpensive compared to pre-built yachts an Owner was initially interested in.

Once WeYachts have a complete understanding of the project an all-inclusive plan is generated and the project begins.

Starting from your yacht’s original General Arrangement, WeYachts drafts a proposed layout inclusive of all functionality and new arrangements.

As mentioned, WeYachts Monaco has involvement and consideration for hybrid propulsion conversion as hybrid is not only clean and energy efficient and allow you to cruise everywhere, but it saves space and weight on board.

Hybrid power means more than just batteries and an electric propulsion motor. It is a complete system comprising electric motors, batteries and a generator. The electric motor is powerful enough to cruise on electric-only mode, when leaving the dock, and when entering a marina. For extended trips or sustained high speeds the generator will come on intermittently to recharge the batteries, providing all the range needed for your travel plan.

An electric motor is several times more reliable than a combustion engine, quiet, and requires almost no maintenance.

WeYachts project managers team, performing in partnership with the yacht's owner, naval architects, mechanical, electrical, custom-fabrication, and luxury design experts – is personally dedicated to making your dream yacht a cost-effective reality.

The art of re-vitalizing the look and functionality of your luxury investment is our goal.

Our project managers can guide you through the entire process, from selecting the right yacht or working on your pre-existing one, plans any conversion, selecting yards and contractors.

No matter where your project is or will be geographically located, no matter how unpretentious or complex your plans may be, WeYachts Monaco will be pleased to act as your consultant to convert or refit your yacht.

To request a quotation for your next refit or conversion project, please be so kind to send us an email message containing all appropriate specifications and we will reply to you as soon as possible with a quote and an appointment set.